Kevin P. Kennedy (Defendant, Noah Bohbot); [Settled prior to trial]

This case arose out of an incident that occurred in Los Angeles, California. Plaintiff was represented by Brett Shainfeld and Jessica Anvar with Shainfeld & Anvar. Kennedy & Souza was retained to represent Noah Bohbot in this matter.

Plaintiff alleges that following the rear-end collision she exited her vehicle and was accosted by Defendant as he pushed her to the ground. She alleged knee injuries and potential future surgery. Plaintiff communicated a demand prior to mediation in the amount of $594,000. In response thereto, Defendant communicated an offer of $9,500 pursuant to CCP Section 998, Statutory Offer.

During the course of mediation, Plaintiff’s inconsistent deposition testimony was discussed, as well as the veracity of her version of the events leading up to the subject accident. Following an all-day mediation, the matter resolved for $42,500.